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@reaperx7 It is not recommended to use v2.2.3 with kernel 6.8.x. See zfs issue.

See latest OpenZFS Release

General information about this project

There are automatic image builds using GitHub actions with the jobs listed below.
This way you can what kind of build is possible or not.

Archzfs linux iso with full OpenZFS support

This site contains a link to a build arch linux including the archzfs kernel.
The arch linux iso file is created by using the arch-linux-live-cd-iso-with-zfs build script.

The last build date of the iso is available here.
The latest iso can be downloaded here.
The latest iso.sha512sum can be downloaded here.

There are also iso's available via

Arch linux lts iso build possilbe

With release of 2.9.0, the build script is able to build a archiso with an lts kernel.
There is a chance that we will offer a second iso to download with a lts kernel in the near future.

Arch linux zfs installation

Once you've downloaded and booted a running archios with OpenZFS, you want to setup the basic system.
Here you will find a two step configuration and installation script.
With that you will get a basic archlinux with zfsbootmenu in "no time".

Arch linux zfs kernel setup for regular archiso

If you've just started a regular archiso but need quickly zfs support, you can run the following code to add instant OpenZFS support.
curl -s | bash
You can checkout the full repository here

Sources for the favicon

For the creation of the favicon, I've used the Arch Linux logo.svg copied at 20220320T10:37:00 and OpenZFS logo.svg copied at 20220320T10:37:21.


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